Our Service-Portfolio

Our Key Competence: Logistical Planning Processes

Efficient processes require thorough planning - CAPLAS specializes in solving complex planning and scheduling tasks. We develop interactive, decision supporting IT tools for your company, using cutting edge academic research to achieve optimal results.

Many companies have to cope with challenging logistical planning problems on a daily basis: a large number of influencing factors - availability, deadlines, ordering, cost factors, etc. must be taken into account - plans must be regularly reviewed and updated due to frequent short-notice disruptions; and not always are the right people available, or is there enough time to prepare a good plan.

Solutions: Consulting, Implementation and Support

Our solutions are as individual as the problems of our customers: from fully automated planning processes to step-by-step decision support, from integrated overall solutions to the interactive evaluation tables, from strategic analysis to fast tactical assistance. We merge the invaluable experience of planners and dispatchers in the field with the performance of modern optimization methods and computer systems.

With solutions from CAPLAS, you can achieve significant savings in planning and logistics costs. Optimized planning processes lead to faster, more robust and more efficient operational results.

Domains: from Asphalt to Zoning

Together, the team at CAPLAS has many years of experience under their belt, in projects spanning a wide range of industries. Among other things, we have implemented optimization solutions for waste disposal, home delivery, sales force management, the dispatching of service technicians, home nursing staff, ambulance services and ready-mixed concrete delivery.

Together with universities and research institutes, we have developed the core components and concepts for these and similar systems, in order to deliver individually customized solutions based on the latest scientific insights.

Our Proposition

We are experienced experts in logistics optimization and develop tailor-made IT solutions to automate your logistical planning processes. With these you can reduce your costs, while at the same time increasing the quality of your services.